Stacey Haurin
I am curious by nature and data fascinates me. As a data professional, I believe understanding the business context is just as important as having a current technical skill set. Real success is leveraging data to achieve the business goals. On a personal note, I enjoy live music & productions, good food, antiquing, golfing, and lazy Sunday mornings. I am the proud mother of two sons who have taught me more about myself than any other life experience.
Chantal Racicot
VP Programs
Chantal has been in the data space for 20+ years and is still loving it! She enjoys helping the business make the right decision by ensuring we enable them with the right information.
Pam Basil
VP Membership
Pam is a long-time Jersey Girl, even when she was living in Florida. Pam found herself drawn to Data Governance and Management through her OCD tendencies; Pam has a need for organization and accuracy, this could be influenced from growing up a Navy Brat. Pam loves to help individuals find the excitement in using, managing, sharing, and securing data; it is one of her passions. Pam is a singer at heart and feels that Data Management is like a composition – when all disciplines are aligned and managed appropriately, you have a masterpiece!
Shawn Harbaugh
AVP Membership
I’m a big fan of Bloomberg Surveillance and European touring sedans.
Evan Reese
VP Corporate Sponsorship
Data Professional with experience in Data Analysis, Data Governance, BI, Data Architecture, ETL Development, Hadoop/Big Data, Application Development, and Machine Learning
Otis Ubriaco
AVP Sponsorship
Anna Tallon
VP Marketing
Anna is a European transplant that took up residence in the ‘burbs of Philadelphia by way of Jersey. After completing a few stints in creative and digital advertising agencies, she found a love for data and the value it yields. Anna loves balance. This is evident of the yogini and how she has shaped her life: working to bring Data and Technology solutions to UnitedHealthcare's Marketing department and helping to market the Philly's DAMA Chapter.
Jon Collins
VP Online Services/Web
Jon is a long-time data enthusiast. He lives in Collegeville with my wife and three boys. He enjoys bike riding and playing guitar. He has lived in the Philadelphia area his whole life, and looks forward to traveling with his family and learning about the new technologies that are coming to the fore every day.
Seth Painter
VP Arrangements and Logistics
Kevin Johnson
VP Arrangements
Dennis Manieri
Treasurer/VP Finance
Started in Information Architecture in 1997. Designed subject areas for operational applications. Worked on metadata repositories in three different companies across two industries (Healthcare and Banking). Created an in house MDR for less than $50K.
Heather Hartman
AVP Finance
Gabrielle Festa
VP Education
Terry Carnes
VP Internal Communications
Married for over 25 years with 2 sons: one preparing for the ministry and one working in construction. I serve on the boards of several local non-profits and am active in both church and community service.
Anne Marie Smith, Ph. D.
Chapter Advisor
Anne Marie is a native of the Philadelphia area, who loves reading, cooking, conversation, cycling, and organization. Her ability to see patterns in data and her skills in organization and language led her to a career in data management after she earned her BA, setting her on a continuing journey to help organizations improve the management of their data.