Board positions are held by Data Management Professionals who volunteer their time to support the mission and vision of our local DAMA chapter. Each position is occupied for a two year term. Elections are held annually in May. Refer to Our ByLaws for additional information.

Position Name/Email Notes Term Up for Re-Election
President Stacey Haurin Voting May 2018, appointed April 12
Treasurer/VP Finance Dennis Manieri Voting May 2018
AVP Finance  -Heather Hartman
VP Marketing Anna Tallon Voting May 2018
AVP Marketing  -Will Parsley
VP Corporate Sponsorship Evan Reese Voting May 2019
AVP Sponsors  -Otis Ubriaco
VP Education Gabrielle J. Festa Voting May 2018
AVP Education  –vacant
VP Internal Communications Walter (Terry) Carnes Voting May 2019
VP Membership Pamela Basil Voting May 2019
AVP Membership   Shawn Harbaugh
VP Online Services/Web Jon Collins Voting May 2018
AVP Online Services   –vacant
VP Programs Chantal Racicot Voting May 2019
AVP Programs   -vacant
VP Arrangements and Logistics Kevin Johnson  Voting May 2018
AVP Arrangements   -vacant
Past President Eugene Desyatnik  no