Dave Hornford leads Vanguard architecture thinking and execution for Conexiam’s clients in the digital era. Making the good great and the best even better.

Dave is on a mission to improve the profession. He has decades of real-world experience. This experience is shared in real-world case studies, practical EA training, and publication of field-tested best practices. Dave has co-authored thought leadership in ‘Seven-Levers to Digital Transformation’ & pragmatic guidance embedded in the TOGAF Body of Knowledge through the ‘Leader’s Guide,’ ‘Practitioners’ Guide,’ Governor’s Guide,’ and ‘SoA Practical Guide.’

Dave is a trustee of the SABSA Institute. He has worked with John Sherwood to draft the ‘TOGAF and SABSA Integration’ paper and the ‘Integrating Risk and Security within a TOGAF Enterprise Architecture’ guide.

Dave lead’s Conexiam’s EA Capability & education activities. Dave’s passion is to help others learn the steps of transformational success. Find straightforward answers to complex problems.

Presentation Proposal

Digital Transformation: Data is pervasive & must be invisible

Key Takeaway

  1. Data sits invisibly at the center of Digital Transformation
  2. What Digital Transformation is
  3. Seven Levers of Digital Transformation

Product, Process or Operations – it’s all Data.

Digital Transformation is fundamentally a strategy and an operating model change, wherein technological advancements are leveraged to improve human experiences and operating efficiencies, and to evolve the products and services. It is the consequence of:

  • The ability to handle information in the digital form
  • Using digital technologies to manage the process of creating, capturing, and analyzing information to deliver perceptive human-machine interaction experience

Think about the essential dichotomy: pervasive and invisible.

Without pervasive data, we are unable to change the operating model, strategy or use technology to change human interaction and experience.

Where data is visible, as data, with the data structure, constructs and limitations front and center the digital transformation fails. Always.

Consider GPS: without digitized maps, rich business data it is simply a location.
Do you know your Lat/long?

Seven Levers of Digital Transformation must be controlled to achieve your transformation = Process, Customer Experience, Product, IT, Culture, Strategy & Ecosystem.