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NoSQL and SQL Data Modeling:

Bringing Together Data, Semantics, and Software


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

a2c consulting

1801 Market, 24th Floor

Price: $25.00 /per person 

(full day of training, includes catering and materials)


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No charge for a2c, LexisNexis,  ReedTech , IDERA employees and subsidiaries.


Made possible through support of  LexisNexis and IDERA, our event co-sponsors.


Ted Hills has developed a new modeling notation that accounts for NoSQL, and will offer a full day, full featured training "NoSQL and SQL Data Modeling: Bringing Together Data, Semantics, and Software"


Note:  The event will have a nominal cost ($25) to cover breakfast and printing of the training materials.

LexisNexis is sponsoring the speaker travel and expenses.

IDERA will be the lunch sponsor.


Ted Hills

Enterprise Architect


Ted Hills has been active in the Information Technology industry since 1975, moving gradually up through device drivers and operating systems to communications software, applications, and finally information architecture. Employers included AT&T Bell Laboratories, Dow Jones, and Bloomberg. At LexisNexis, Ted co-leads the work of establishing enterprise data architecture standards and governance processes, working with data models and business and data definitions for both structured and unstructured data. Prior to joining LexisNexis, Ted was the Enterprise Information Architecture Executive for Bank of America, where he led several enterprise reference data and data warehouse projects. Ted's work spans the spectrum from conceptual design through database and software implementation. Ted has always been an active researcher, with interests in software and data integration, data modeling notations, and improving the expressivity of languages while keeping them type-safe.


There are so many things in the NoSQL world that just don't fit into entity–relationship (E-R) or star-schema models. The first challenge is modeling to understand and describe existing data instead of to design databases, but that is the reality of big data—it exists without models and usually without sufficient metadata. We are also challenged by data constructs that don't fit neatly into E-R structures, including multivalued attributes, embedded arrays, nested documents, and associations implemented without foreign key relationships. In addition, key–value stores, document stores, and graph databases aren't easily described with E-R modeling. Clearly with big data, we need a new approach to data modeling.

E-R modeling is mature for SQL databases, but doesn't translate well to many of the NoSQL databases. This interactive workshop will introduce the Concept and Object Modeling Notation (COMN, pronounced "common"), which can represent the new structures NoSQL DBMSs support, while still supporting traditional SQL DBMSs. It also has more expressive power for modeling the real-world entities that databases are about. The workshop concludes with a realistic exercise in modeling a NoSQL operational database and a SQL data warehouse for a small enterprise.

You Will Learn

·  New ways of thinking about the real world, data, and objects

·  Modeling notation for containment and multivalued attributes

·  How to model a variety of data, and NoSQL and SQL databases

·  How to model things in a business-friendly way and how to map those things to data

Geared To

·  Data modelers, data architects, big data analysts, data scientists, and others looking for ways to visualize the structure of data in all its variety

·  People who need to design NoSQL and SQL databases

·  People looking for ways to graphically represent business requirements in preparation for modeling the data that represents them